Welcome to Cambridge International College

CIC - a private high school where students can get not only the basic school knowledge, but also be prepared for SAT and IELTS exams – fundamental requirements to enter top international universities abroad.

Easily accessible location and the most advanced technologies make CIC unlike other schools, and allow young students to study in interactive learning atmosphere. We offer a 2-year education, 10th-11th grades with in-depth English learning environment. With us, learners will be prepared for the most fundamental internationally recognized examinations – SAT and IELTS.

Unlock the Door of Education


Opportunity to continue undergraduate studies at Ivy Member Universities after obtaining a high SAT and IELTS scores.

Free Study Abroad Services

Free assistance to apply and continue studies abroad.

Intensive Courses

Compulsory intensive courses of SAT and IELTS, including mock tests.

Teacher's Support

Teacher’s support hub from assistant teachers and academic coordinator.